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Sally-Anne Marler

Hello my name is Sally-Anne Marler I’m a qualified Creative Arts Therapist , Coach & Facilitator (BA Hons) and Certified Angel Card Reader and a member of the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP). I’m deeply passionate about working creatively and intuitively through artistic outlets as a facilitated process, either in groups or on a 1:1 basis, helping you to explore unconscious material, gain insight and foster understanding.

I’ve always been creative, I started playing the piano when I was 9 years old, then started singing as a teenager; I discovered poetry in my twenties and starting composing music for quartets and orchestras in my thirties. I also paint and write in my spare time and read a lot of books about self-healing, the healing arts, meditation, the law of attraction and creative visualisation to name a few. The creative arts helped me enournously as someone familar with depression and anxiety and I now genuinely believe that we are all capable of living happy, healthy and stress-free lives; we just need the right tools and the right mind-set to do so. Creating change for the better and solving problems can often leave us feeling withdrawn, anxious and uncertain but I encourage using critical reflection (creating space as an observer), discovering and working with the intuitive self and focusing on strengths using a positive psychology approach. Essentially what you focus upon expands, so starting to think more about the things you want in life and less about your worries and fears will put you in good stead!

I set up my own business several years ago now and design and facilitate Personal Development Courses, Spiritual & Wellbeing Workshops and Mental Health Support courses. I've created my spiritual life practice cards, healing arts journals and also offer Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Guidance, which help to guide you especially when you feel ‘stuck’ or at a ‘crossroads in life’ and will give you loving guidance, support, insight and healing messages. I’m a qualified Angelic Reiki Practitioner too and Energy Reader and often combine the Angelic Reiki with Intuive Readings to maximize the healing process for the client. I work in a very grounded way, which is necessary if your work has a spiritual element and offer a free 20 minute consultation for all sessions and treatments that I offer.

Intuitive Reading & Spiritual Guidance 1.5 hours £40

Angelic Reiki & Energy Reading 1.5 hours £40

Intuitive Reading & Healing Package 2 hours £60

Each of the above services comes with a key message from your guides & higher self, a personal affirmation that can help you at this time and what angels, archangels, ascended masters or spirit animal is working with you now & their messages for you.

Workshops I offer include:

Therapeutic Art Workshops £28

Developing Your Inner Guidance Workshop £32

Mindset Motivator £25

All art & creative materials are provided on the day - dates and times vary.

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