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We all have the ability to tap into a part of ourselves that is wise, supportive, knowledgeable, loving, creative, expansive, all knowing and in tune with our higher good and life purpose. The problem is, we don't develop this connection and end up rationalising, assuming, second guessing, doing what is expected and taking action based on what we think we should do. As Einstein so rightly points out, we're forgetting the beautiful gift that lives inside each of us. I've spent a long time, working on and developing the connection to my inner guidance and wanted to put together this workshop to help you connect to your own inner guidance and intuition.

We will be covering:-

1. What is inner guidance - what form does it take, how can it show up in your life & what are the benefits from using it.

2. Understanding what blocks you from accessing your inner guidance, how you can overcome this and gain the necessary tools to put this into practice.

3. How to use your inner guidance to connect to the bigger picture. Understanding what the 'higher self' is and how to access the wisdom and guidance it offers and find out about universal laws, what you're learning now (life and soul lessons) and how you can grow, develop, expand and connect to meaning using this connection.

This is a beginners guide workshop to help others connect to their inner guidance system so you can start honouring the gift, not the servant and have the ability, confidence and know-how to tap into your inner guidance to help and support you along the way.

Cost: £32 for the workshop **this is the early-bird rate** - must book before 23rd June.

Full rate is £48 applicable for any bookings between 24th June - 21st July 2018.

Saturday 21st July 1pm-4.30pm     

Max in class: 15     

Light refreshments are included.

Payment on booking. PayPal link:

Developing Your Inner Guidance

With Sally-Anne Marler

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