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Spiritual Development Course

A ten week course that you can access as individual workshops or the full 10 weeks!


Course dates: 3rd, 17th 31st May, 14th &28th June, 12th & 26th July, 9th & 23rd August and 6th September 2018 7.30pm-8.30pm.

This ten week course will focus on a different topic each week and if you complete all ten you will be presented with a Certificate of completion, accredited by the Spiritual Workers Association.


What you will cover:

  • week 1 - how to read a crystal ball & the history of crystal ball reading (3rd May)
  • week 2 - mediumship skills (17th May)
  • week 3 - flower readings (31st May)
  • week 4 - Tasselgraphy - how to read tea leaves (14th June)
  • week 5 - dowsing and pendulum work (28th June)
  • week 6 - meet your spirit guide/power animal (12th July)
  • week 7 - future life progression - meet your future self (26th July)
  • week 8 - how to contact loved ones and the human pendulum (9th August)
  • week 9 - astral travel (23rd August)
  • week 10 - crystal grids, create your own crystal cooking pot & learn how to manifest your future with the use of crystals. (6th September).


Each workshop will start with a 10 minute meditation and is a great way to improve your spiritual development with like minded people.


Cost: £8 PAYG

Max in class: 12

Payment methods this is a pay as you go - you can pre-book and pay by clicking here: Spiritual Development Course. If you only want to book a few of the workshops you can also do that by clicking on the above link.


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