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Bach Flower Remedies

With Annie Roberts


Dr Edward Bach was an eminent doctor who became disillusioned by the medical profession as he became disheartened by the way the physical body was always separated by ones emotions. He felt the two were inextricably linked. He believed that if the emotions were healed the physical would also be helped. He started to look at plants and discovered 38 plants/trees that healed negative emotions.

A consultation with me would involve talking through any negative emotions and targeting each one with the appropriate plant. I would then make up a treatment bottle unique to each individual. The remedy would then be taken home to take 4 x a day.

The remedies are completely safe and have no negative side effects. They can be used alongside other medication.

Bach flower remedies are particularly effective for negative emotions including

- stress

- depression

- grief

- lack of confidence



£35 for initial consultation. (Includes treatment bottle)

Follow up sessions £30 each.

Sessions are up to 45 mins - Click here to Book Now



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