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Counselling & Psychotherapy



As an integrative therapist I can offer a wide range of therapies from person centered, CBT and attachment, I also offer therapy that incorporates compassionate focused therapy and mindfulness.

Person centered therapy is a talking therapy where the client leads the sessions in whichever way they feel appropriate. The therapy allows the client to view significant events differently, instigating different thought patterns and processes. This therapy is very empowering and enlightening.


Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) focuses on learnt behavior and how these behaviors could be of benefit or a detriment to the client. They focus on coping with day to day living and work with coping strategies to enable the client to function. CBT is very effective with stress management, anxiety and depression, and can be used for issues concerning addiction. Mindfulness is a form of CBT where relaxation and awareness of self are the healing properties of the therapy. Compassionate focused therapy is very similar to mindfulness as it uses awareness and relaxation but it differs in its techniques by developing self-awareness through forgiveness and kindness.


Attachment therapy was developed by John Bowlby, it focuses on the attachment a person forms with their primary carer and how this could affect them in later life. It involves in-depth discussions about childhood and past relationships and can be a very constructive therapy for issues concerning relationships, marital difficulties, friendships and parenting.


The uniqueness of integrative therapy is that all of the above can be incorporated in one therapy session, offering the client the best possible chance of understanding themselves to aid their recovery.


One hour £45


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