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Intuitive Reading & Spiritual Guidance

With Sally-Anne Marler

Do you have times where you feel low, misunderstood or disconnected from the world around you, or perhaps feel stuck, unsure or lost about the direction your life is going in? Are you searching for more meaning and purpose and feel you have a spiritual side to you that you'd like to explore or develop? I offer intuitive readings and spiritual guidance giving you an opportunity to do just that. I connect with you on an energetic soul level, helping you to make sense of the dynamics in your life, past, present and future influences and what needs healing on a soul level, whilst encouraging you to listen to and develop your own intuition.

I also assist you in receiving and understanding the divine guidance from your spirit guides that they wish to share with you. You might also find that angels, archangels, ascended masters or spirit animals may be working with you at this time and have a specific message for you about your soul/life purpose and lessons, healing and insights. If you have an interest in spirituality and wish to understand things like this and how to connect to your higher self and intuitive more effectively then booking in for a reading with me can help you to do this. 

Working with the Oracle Cards provides a powerful tool if you are seeking guidance in your life, more meaning and purpose and want to gain insight into many areas such as relationships, career, finances, soul lessons and life purpose to name a few. I also do past life readings if this is something that interests you.

Your guides will work with me to bring you messages and guidance for your highest good, positively encouraging you along your journey that you need to hear now - the focus very much being on the present but expoloring past and future influences. In addition I'm an energy reader and natural intuitive and so will share any additional information I receive as part of your reading. At the end of your reading I will send you a beautiful print out (PDF) of your key message, personal affirmation, spirit guides/angels that are working with you at this time and any other recommendations such as using crystals or making changes to your daily routine etc. Look forward to seeing you and sharing this process with you.

Much love & blessings,

Sally-Anne x

1 hour 30 minutes - £40 available most Fridays - you can book here.

Why not treat your soul to a Intuitive Reading & Healing Package - combining an Angelic Reiki healing session, an energy reading and an Intuitive Reading with Spiritual Guidance bringing you the benefit of a divine healing treatment and the support, guidance and insight of a reading, including messages from your spirit guides, angels, power animals and higher self. In addition you will receive a personalised message, affirmation and information about your guides that support your spiritual growth at this time. This may include life/soul lessons, syncronicities happening in your life, crystals to work with, past-life influences, karmic connections and soul/life purpose. If you are truly stepping into a more spiritual way of life, then this package is for you and it will help to strengthen your connection to the divine, your guides and syncronicities happening right now to elevate your intuition and perception.

2 hours - £60 available most Fridays - you can book here.

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