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Massage stimulates and benefits all the body's natural systems and healing processes. 

It uses a particular sequence of massage moves that apply varying degrees and types of pressure, and can therefore be tailored to provide either an invigorating or relaxing effect, according to the needs to the client.

There are many benefits to massage including:

  •    Eases muscular pain and tension
  •    Soothes axiety and depression, giving a “lift” to the emotions
  •    Relieves stress and aids relaxation
  •    Improves circulation, increasing oxygen levels in the blood
  •    Encourages sleep and aids digestive processes
  •    Increases energy levels by reducing tension and fatigue
  •    Releases toxins from muscles and tissues


Indian Head Massage, Neck & Shoulders 

A popular seated massage is deeply relaxing; it not only includes masage and acupressure techniques to the face and scapl, but also focuses on the uppoer back , neck, shoulders, arms and hands. It helps relieve tension and stress, improves concentration, eases sinus issues and assists quality of sleep. Leaves you feeling totally refreshed and completely relaxed. Makes a great introduction to massage if you’ve never tried one before.

Appointment time is 60 mins. £30

Neck, Back & Shoulder Massage                                                

A slow, deep rhythmic massagethat releases muscular tension and eases stiffness to leave you feeling more comfortable and relaxed in both body and mind.

Appointment time is 45 mins. £25

Neck, Back, Head & Facial Massage

A firm, slow massage to the whole back and neck including a gentle acupressure massage to the face and head leaving you feeling fresh and looking relaxed.

Appointment time is 60 mins. £30

Hands Arms Head & Facial (Clothed)                

A tailor made massage using a blended crème to moisturise and nurture both body and mind. This massage can be carried out seated or reclined wearing a vest top or similar

Appointment time is 50 mins. £25

Massage & Energy Healing Combination

Combines massage with energy healing work tailored to your specific needs.

Appointment time is 60 minutes. £30

Full Body

A wonderfully relaxing massage experience that benefits all the systems of the body, relaxing the mind and balancing the emotions as well as easing muscular tension and relaxing stiffness.                                     

A wonderful top to toe massage experience that will leave you feeling calm and refreshed in both mind and body.

Appointment time is 90 minutes £40.

Aromatherapy Massage

You can choose from a 1 hour Neck, Back & Shoulder Aromatherapy Massage £30 or a 2 hour Full Body Aromatherapy Massage £45 See our full range of Aromatherapy choices here

3D Hydrotherm Massage

Described as the world’s first fully 3-Dimensional massage, the Hydrotherm system provides a very different  massage experience.   You will lay reclined  face-up on warm, water-filled cushions that soothe your muscles and perfectly position your spine for the ultimate flowing massage.   There is no need to roll over during Hydrotherm massage; your therapist works around you; all you do is lay there and relax.  Deeply therapeutic, Hydrotherm massage can be very beneficial for neck pain, lower-back aches or stiffness and tense muscles. Also extremely effective for easing sciatica pain.   It is also totally suitable for anyone who finds it  uncomfortable or physically difficult to lie face-down or to turn over during a usual massage,  as well as those with busy lives needing quality quiet time to relax away from everything.

*Please book your FREE  consultation with Eileen before your  first treatment.*

3D Hydrotherm neck, back and shoulder massage.  Appointment time is 30 minutes £25

3D Hydrotherm Full Body, Face & Scapl                     Appointment time is 75 minutes £45

3D Hydrotherm Antenatal                                             Appointment time is 90 minutes £55

Combined 3D Hydrotherm neck, back,

shoulder with 3D Rejuvination Facial                         Appointment time is 75 minutes £45

3D Rejuvination Facial

Notice a real difference to your skin and face before and after this wonderful facial lift treatment. Designed to reduce muscular tension in the face and jaw, release expression lines and wrinkles whilst draining away excess tissue fluid, this treatment combines tried and tested techniques that help you take a natural and non-surgical approach to help minimise the effects of the ageing process. This is a 50 minute treatment £32

Holistic Facial

A wonderful way to improve and maintain the condition of the skin as well as a luxurious way to relax and increase feelings of well-being but did you also know that a holistic facial can benefit you in other ways too? Such as moisturising and nourishing the skin, increase of blood and lymph circulation and this encourages removal of toxins and waste products from the skin. It can also improve the texture of skin whilst helping to improve sinus problems. For this treatment Neal's Yard Products are used.

One Hour £30

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is great for treating area's where you feel the muscles would really benefit from a deeper pressure. This treatment focuses on a limb or section of the body in its entirety instead of pin-pointing a muscle, in turn this should reduce pain resulting in a more relaxing massage. With lovely warming moves performed to the entire muscle group followed by picking up and kneading of the muscles, these moves are great at improving blood circulation and aiding in lymphatic drainage which is the movement of any waste product on the muscles to help them function better. If I come across any areas that need some extra help I will use my forearm and thumbs to apply the pressure that is needed.

One Hour £32    Hour and a half £47

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Yoga is a traditional massage from Thailand and what makes this massage different is that it requires you to lay on a futon on the floor, wearing loosely fitted clothing. I will ease into this massage, warming your body with various kneading techniques, preparing your whole body for stretches and deeper pressure. Gently stretching all limbs helps to mobilise joints and I will also work on your Meridians (energy/ chi lines) using a combination of my hands, forearms and even my knees. Your body will start to feel the tension just fade away, leaving you feeling invigorated.

Half hour trial £17    Hour and a half £47

Thai Oil Massage                                                

Thai Oil Massage will take place on a massage bed and will include some stretching techniques with pressure applied to the Meridians but mostly warming the muscles through hands-on massage techniques or firm elbow and forearm pressure. Traditionally Thai Oil Massage takes the techniques and principles from Thai Yoga Massage that work on the Energy lines throughout the body to help release blockages and bring harmony and balance to oneself.

Half hour £17       One Hour £32    Hour and a half £47   

*with the thai style of massage feel free to combine treatments e.g. One hour thai oil + half hour thai yoga.

Indulgent Foot Massage                 

This is an hour long soaking and pampering of the feet, focussing on pressure points and fully relaxing the soft soles.

Appointment time is 60 mins. £32

Thai Herbal Compress Massage                                            

A relaxing warming massage that uses a muslin compress infused with medicinal thai herbs. The hot herbal compress massage is ideal for alliviating symptoms of:

  • stiff or sore muscles
  • chronic aches
  • arthritis
  • migraines
  • chronic stress or anxiety

Half hour £22    Hour and a half £53   

1 on 1 Stretching advice 

This 30min session is designed to demonstrate and talk you through different stretches that are relevant to any parts of the body that you would like to work on, this can be to aid discomfort, increase flexibility or simply if you would just like some help with stretching. Perfect if your wondering if your body is in proper alignment whilst stretching, as posture is also key in getting the most out of your stretching routine. Having a stretching routine that you do every other day can make a really big difference to your wellbeing, stretching can help to; improve posture, better quality of life, greater range of motion in the joints, release muscular pain and tightness, release happy endorphins in the brain and decrease the risk of serious muscular injury from exercise or repetitive use.

 30mins for £17, available as a stand alone session or an add on to any other massage services offered by Laura.

A free consultation is always conducted on your first appointment to ensure you get the best from your massage. If you book online,please  book a free of charge consultation immediatly prior to your massage treatment. Why do we do this? To ensure you receive a massage that is tailored specifically for you, so you gain the most from your time with us.

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