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Ellie Bird

Tarot readings & Mediumship

My name is Eleanor Bird, but everyone calls me Ellie and I am a clairvoyant and psychic medium.

Ten years ago, after a particularly traumatic time in my personal life, my life changed forever after a switch literally turned on in my head. I sought medical advice as I began hearing and seeing things that others could not. I was convinced I was ill or suffering with a mental disorder! In hindsight, what happened was that my psychic abilities, that I’m pretty sure had been lying dormant since being a small child and surfacing occasionally during my teens and twenties, had kicked in big time. Like a light bulb I started to attract spirit and needed to learn how to channel and control the voices constantly seeking my attention - if they didn’t get it, objects at home would move and they would make themselves known by providing audible clues to all.

My spiritual journey took me to psychic awareness classes whilst I lived in the Sheffield area and I will be forever grateful to those established psychic mediums who helped me through what was a very weird and disturbing time for myself and my patient, long suffering family. In addition I couldn’t write this piece without acknowledging my lovely departed Grandma Grace, from Irish Romany ancestry, and from whom I inherited my awareness and psychic abilities.

Through studying and practicing disciplined mediumship and using the psychic tools of psychometry, scrying, tasseography, divining, totem, aura energy work and tarot I was able to harness my gift and learn to control my abilities.

In the last 10 years I have been fortunate to provide honest accurate readings to a broad range of people, have contributed to platform work, group psychic evenings, charitable psychic fayres, as well as hundreds of one to one and ad-hoc readings.

Tarot cards are, I have discovered, the ideal psychic tool for me as I find them fascinating as I have a naturally inquisitive and enquiring mind and driving need to know the answers to life’s questions… yes, I’m nosy!

 Often feared and misunderstood the tarot are in fact a window to the subconscious and to the soul which is where, frequently, answers can be found. My promise to my clients is to provide down to earth, sympathetic, honest and trustworthy readings in order to help them.

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