Aromatherapy Facial

Aromatherapy Facial

A rejuvenating, deeply meditative and indulgent treatment, the aromatherapy facial will help melt away any tension and stress you may be carrying. It is one of the most relaxing treatments out there using a range of methods such as drainage, manual lifting techniques and the Gua Sha to create a totally blissful and holistic experience. The products I use are all natural such as Tropic Skincare and Neil's Yards remedies. Together we choose a bespoke essential oil of you choice to create the desired therapeutic effect to support your skin, body, mind and soul. 

Aromatherapy Facial 45 mins -£40

Meet your Practitioner

Kate S


Holistic Therapist

Hi, I am Kate!

I am super passionate about bringing people relaxation and down time! 

Our bodies hold on to so much accumulated tension, sometimes it can get on top of us and we loose the healing connection to ourselves, we loose our inner glow. 

I am here to help my clients find back to themselves, help them feel relaxed, grounded and safe in their bodies. My motto is, relax the body and the mind will follow. Our bodies have amazing self healing abilities, sometimes all they need is a little rest, a little calm and space to restore. 

I look forward to meeting you and helping you relax and glow again!