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3D Rejunenating Face-Lift Massage

Notice a real difference to your skin and face before and after this wonderful facial lift treatment. Designed to reduce muscular tension in the face and jaw, release expression lines and wrinkles whilst draining away excess tissue fluid, this treatment combines tried and tested techniques that help you take a natural and non-surgical approach to help minimise the effects of the ageing process. This is a 50 minute treatment.

*Please book your FREE  consultation with Eileen before your  first treatment, if you've not seen Eileen previously.*

Oriental Fusion Facelift Massage Appointment time is 50 mins £25

Holistic Facial

A wonderful way to improve and maintain the condition of the skin as well as a luxurious way to relax and increase feelings of well-being but did you also know that a holistic facial can benefit you in other ways too? Such as;

•Moisturising and nourishing the skin

•Increase of blood and lymph circulation this encourages removal of toxins and waste products from the skin and increases nutrition to the skin cells.

•Improves texture of skin

•Reduction in tension

•Relaxation and stress relief

•Complexion is brightened

•Promotes more restful sleep

•Helps concentration

•Boost self-confidence and self esteem

•Reduction in headaches

•Helps to improve sinus problems

•Immune system is boosted

•Relieves tension

*Please book your FREE consultation with Anne Marie before your first treatment if you've not seen Anne Marie previously.*

Holistic facial appointment time is one hour £30

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