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Food Intolerance Testing

With Jadwiga James

food intolerance test in heanor derbyshire

How does Food Intolerance Test work?

First of al, there are no needles, pain or hair involved!

Our Food Intolerance Test is conducted on a medical-grade IMEDIS Bioresonance equipment and is completely non-invasive.

Our Advanced Bioresonance Practitioner, Jadwiga James, will use your meridian (or acupuncture) points located on your hands to measure your body's response to electromagnetic frequency of the chosen food items.

You will receive your results instantly and  can either keep them for yourself, share them with your Nutritional Therapist, Homeopath or other CAM practitioner in order to determine the best way to manage your intolerances.

You may also choose to use Bioresonance in order to desensitize yourself from any sensitivities and intolerances (we are not limited to food items; tobacco, dust, fur and pollen are equally suitable for desensitization). There is also an option of finding out and addressing the root cause of your sensitivities: are they linked to a leaky gut, dysbiosis, high toxic load or parasites?

You can opt for a full Food Intolerance Test which covers:

  1. Beef
  2. Lamb
  3. Chicken
  4. Pork
  5. Turkey
  6. Egg
  7. White flour
  8. Whole wheat flour
  9. Corn
  10. White rice
  11. Brown rice
  12. Brewer’s yeast
  13. Baker’s yeast
  14. Soy lecithin
  15. Honey
  16. Sunflower oil
  17. Olive oil
  18. Red pepper
  19. Lard
  20. Sugar
  21. Cane sugar
  22. Crustaceans/shellfish
  23. Cod
  24. Salmon
  25. Sardines
  26. Tuna
  27. Molluscs
  28. Apricot
  29. Pineapple
  30. Orange
  31. Banana
  32. Cherry
  33. Watermelon
  34. Fig
  35. Strawberry
  36. Kiwi
  37. Lemon
  38. Mandarin
  39. Apple
  40. Melon
  41. Pear
  42. Peach
  43. Plum
  44. Grapes
  45. Almonds
  46. Hazelnuts
  47. Walnuts
  48. Asparagus
  49. Carrot
  50. Cabbage
  51. Cucumber
  52. Cumin
  53. Mushrooms
  54. Lettuce
  55. Aubergine
  56. Tomato
  57. Radish
  58. Spinach
  59. Zucchini
  60. Beans
  61. Chickpeas
  62. Peas
  63. Butter
  64. Cow’s milk
  65. Margarine
  66. Parmesan
  67. Goat’s cheese
  68. Garlic
  69. Basil
  70. Cinnamon
  71. Onion
  72. Rosemary
  73. Celery
  74. Cacao
  75. Coffee
  76. Tea

Or you may prefer to choose 25 items from the list above for a more tailored approach.

Please note that Food Intolerance Testing is not suitable if you are pregnant, nursing, have a pacemaker or metal implants in your body. This test is NOT equal to an antibody allergy test and should not replace, nor be seen as a replacement of a medical diagnostics nor consultation.

Serious injury or illness should not be treated without expert advice of a GP or other Medical Professional.

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