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Great for sportsmen a like but also suitable and accessible for a wide variety of people from different work and personal backgrounds, Sports Massage as a treatment is very effective at treating painful area’s that cause us the most discomfort, by discovering were the pain is originating from and working from there to unravel the tension it has caused in other muscles. Leaving the heaviness and discomfort in the past to allow a lighter more energized you to be present. This treatment is perfect at treating a wide range of conditions as the techniques in Sports Massage can be transferred and used on any part of the body. Please refer to this diagram to see how Sports Massage will benefit you in different area’s of your life and the benefits that can be achieved.


**Please book in for a free consultation first as it allows us the time to discuss medical history,

lifestyle, your professional life, exercise routine and the reasons why your seeking Sorts Massage.

As having all of this information will help me to design the right treatment plan for you and to give

you the best recommendations and after care advise that will benefit you the most.**



Sports Massage 30mins:

Perfect timing for treating area’s superficially and smaller area’s such as:

  • Repetitive use syndrome of the hands and wrist.
  • A brisk massage for the legs or arms and shoulders after a training session.
  • A general all over back massage.
  • A short treatment for foot and ankle pain

Sports Massage 60mins:

Perfect timing for treating a few larger area’s such as:

  • Specialised back and shoulder massage for treating more severe cases: lower back ache may need the thighs working on as well, neck ache can stem from the shoulders, chest and arms.
  • Treatment for one or two of these conditions at a time; Calf strain, shin splints, ankle sprain, tendonitis, jumpers knee, hamstring strain, thigh strain, groin strain, tennis elbow, sciatica, frozen shoulder and postural issues.
  • More in depth treatment for some muscle groups after exercise.


Sports Massage 90mins:

Perfect timing for treating multiple larger area’s in-depth such as:

  • Longer hands on treatment time for the conditions listed above
  • Multiple areas can be worked on in the same session such as; feet + legs + back and hands + arms + shoulders + back.
  • A longer treatment time also allows a slower working pace to really warm up and prepare the area’s I’m working on, which can result in a more luxurious treatment.


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Sports Massage

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