Acorn Corporate Services

We know that you want your employees to be a happy, healthy engaged workforce

& that is where we can help.

We offer bespoke packages to suit your business needs, from one off workshops/classes in stress resilience and management, leadership skills etc. to regular services, such as 'at desk massage', counselling and more.

Our therapists are fully trained, experienced & are committed to providing you with what you need.


We understand how important wellbeing is and how it can mirror both the atmosphere and productivity of any workforce.

Stress, looming deadlines and family problems can all have a negative impact on our professional lives. 

Through booking our workshops, classes or mobile treatments, you can gift your emploees a better quality of life which in turn creates better attendence and commitment.

We understand that every work enviroment poses different challenges, therefore our treatment packages are always tailored to your company's needs.

The most commonly voiced benefits of incorporating holistic wellbeing into the workplace include: 

Benefits for your employees:

  • reduced stress levels
  • better and more  restful sleep
  • improved concentration
  • increased sense of wellbeing
  • enhanced ability to cope in stressful situations

Benefits for your business:

  • improved attendance
  • less stress-related absences
  • increased productivity
  • improved staff morale
  • happier work enviroment
  • increased job satisfaction


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