Self-Help Menopause Course

Sailing Through The Storm- Self Help Menopause Course

Are you sick or trying out new supplements which claim to help your menopausal symptoms?

Maybe you already tried everything there is and nothing seemed to bring on any relief?

Have you been recommended different preparations which worked so well for your friends but you find that they do absolutely NOTHING for you?

Would you like to find out why is that?

The problem with mainstream ready-made preparations and formulas is that they are made for general public and not specifically for you.

Just like not all clothes, even though they might advertised as your size, will fit you and make you feel good or comfortable.

Choosing a formula or a remedy based on its claims rather than on your own experience of the symptoms you are going through can be compared to buying shoes online, from overseas- it's a true gamble in what you are actually going to get (one that I'm sure not to repeat again, ahem).

The way you are feeling and the way it is affecting you is different to anyone else.

Yes, we might all be getting hot flushes, palpitations or going dizzy from time to time etc.


We all come from different backgrounds, have different health history, gathered different life experiences along the way and are affected by 'the change' in a different way AND to a different degree- so how could we possibly all benefit from the exact same thing?

 Wouldn't it be better if you could find a solution which would reflect your exact symptoms and experience?

If your answer is 'YES', then join me on a journey of self-discovery and wellbeing by signing up to this course.

Meet your Practitioner

Jadwiga James

Licensed Homeopath

Access Bars Practitioner

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy Practitioner

Advanced Bioresonance Practitioner

Hello, my name is Jadwiga James, I'm a registered member of the Complementary Medical Association as an Advanced Bioresonance Practitioner, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy Practitioner and a Homeopath with postgraduate certification in Human Chemistry Homeopathy (formerly known as HDT) which a multi-level rebalancing programme tailored to you and your chronic health problems.

I also hold diplomas in Herbal Medicine, Dowsing and I'm an Access Bars Practitioner.

I hold special interest in allergies, digestive health and hormonal imbalances.

I first saw homeopathy at work when I was looking for solution to my son's chronic health problems which included multiple allergies, severe sensitivities, eczema, monthly ear infections and beginning of asthma (it was the prescription of a 'brown inhaler' which has made me draw the line on further medicating).

Having witnessed the scope of action the homeopathic remedies have had on him, I had to understand how homeopathy works and decided to train to become a homeopath myself!

What I love about homeopathy the most is that doesn't cause any side effects and that it doesn't add any more burden to the toxic load our bodies are having to deal with on every day basis, as well as the fact that I never stop learning and discovering just how much change it can bring to people's lives.