Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

biomagnetic pair therapy medical biomagnetism

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, also known as Medical Biomagnetism, is a form of non-invasive complementary therapy which works on rebalancing disturbances within the pH level of the body with the use of magnets of opposing polarities.

How does Biomagnetic Pair Therapy work?

Each of our organs relies on a particular scale of pH (being it a level of alkanity or acidity) in order to be able to optimally fulfil its functions. If this level of pH becomes disturbed through emotional or physical traumas, shock, certain medical procedures, dietary errors or even inherited tendencies, we may develop illnesses.

Our bodies always strive to operate in a harmony, maintaining an overall pH level ranging from 7.35-7.45. Therefore, when one of our organs or tissues becomes more acidic (its pH value becomes lower than its optimal level), another one will have to compensate for this by becoming more alkaline (increasing its pH value), thus keeping the overall pH level of the whole body within the same range.

When such disturbances occur, they can serve as a fertile ground for a whole range of opportunistic pathogens, like viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, who are able to survive only within a very narrow range of pH- our ‘disturbed’ level of pH!

These pathogens would not have been able to survive and spread within organs which have a balanced pH as such environment would not allow for their growth and procreation.

This is why Biomagnetic Pair practitioners use pairs of magnets of opposing polarities in order to re-establish the correct pH levels within affected organs and tissues, which, as a direct result of such treatment, are no longer supportive to disease-causing pathogens, leading to their destruction and removal from the body.

What happens during a Biomagnetic Pair Therapy session?

During a Biomagnetic Pair Therapy session a Biomagnetic Practitioner conducts a scan of the whole body in order to determine disturbances within any of the organs or tissues. This is done by placing a negative-polarity magnet on each biomagnetic point of the body and checking a kinesiological response to this biomagnetic field which portrays itself by either shortening or elongation of the right leg in comparison to the left one (this is why your practitioner will keep checking your feet after each magnet placement).

Once a disturbed Biomagnetic point and its polarity has been identified (creating shortening or elongation of the right leg), a Biomagnetic Practitioner will search for its corresponding Biomagnetic point which will reflect the tissue or organ which had to compensate (for the disturbance within the level of the pH or the first point) by creating an alteration within its own pH value- this point will receive a magnet of an opposing polarity which will cause the right leg to regain its original length, rebalancing both polarities of this Biomagnetic Pair.

This procedure is repeated until all of the biomagnetic pairs of the body have been scanned and rebalanced (there are over 300 biomagnetic points which need to be checked during a therapeutic session).

What can Biomagnetic Pair Therapy help with?

Due to the thorough scanning routine of every therapeutic session, there are no limitations when it comes to a range of health problems which could be helped with Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.

Medical Biomagnetism is suitable for:

  • chronic health problems of known or unknown origin (whether they are linked to neurological disturbances, hormonal imbalances, digestive health problems, allergies or joint pain) – even when you do not have an official diagnosis the biomagnetic pair therapy scan will show up all of the disturbances which need to be addressed
  • injuries- whether they are linked to old contusions or a result of a recent physical trauma
  • psychological problems- whether they have their origin in the physical body or are a result of an emotional shock or trauma

Although Biomagnetic Pair Therapy is completely natural and non-invasive, it is NOT suitable for:

  • people who have fitted peacemakers
  • people who are currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy or are planning to do so in the nearest future

Although pregnant women can receive Biomagnetic Pair Therapy, the scanning and rebalancing will not be undertaken around the abdominal area.

FAQs about your Biomagnetic Pair Therapy session

Q: How many sessions will I need before I feel better?

A: You should notice a difference after your very first session! The amount of required sessions usually ranges between 3-5 but it could be more if you are suffering from a very chronic and complex health problem, this will be discussed during your first consultation.

Q: How often should I come for a Biomagnetic Pair Therapy session?

A: For majority of chronic problems the sessions tend to be 4 weeks apart. If you are suffering from a more acute condition, your sessions can be held as often as weekly, this will also be discussed during your first consultation.

Q: How long does a Biomagnetic Pair session last?

A: Both the initial and subsequent Biomagnetic Pair Therpay sessions last 60 minutes.

Q: Is there anything I should do or wear for my first Biomagnetic Pair Therapy session?

A: Please drink plenty of water both before and after the session in order to support your body in detoxification. Please ensure you are wearing comfortable clothes for your therapy session and that the shoes you are wearing have flat soles- this will make it easier for the therapist to see whether your right leg shortens or elongates during the scanning protocol. Examples of suitable shoes are: boots with flat soles, sandals, trainers and plimsoles. Please do not wear high heels, flip flops or slides.

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Please note that Biomagnetic Pair Therapy does NOT constitute a medical treatment nor diagnosis, it does not claim to cure or treat any diseases. Biomagnetic Pair Therapy works by rebalancing pH within the organs and tissues of the body. You should never change or stop taking any of your prescribed medications without consulting with your main healthcare provider first.

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy 60 mins- £39

Meet your Practitioner

jadwiga james homeopath profile photo

Jadwiga James

Licensed Homeopath

Access Bars Practitioner

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy Practitioner

Advanced Bioresonance Practitioner

Hello, my name is Jadwiga James, I'm a registered member of the Complementary Medical Association as an Advanced Bioresonance Practitioner, Biomagnetic Pair Therapy Practitioner and a Homeopath with postgraduate certification in Human Chemistry Homeopathy (formerly known as HDT) which a multi-level rebalancing programme tailored to you and your chronic health problems.

I also hold diplomas in Herbal Medicine, Dowsing and I'm an Access Bars Practitioner.

I hold special interest in allergies, digestive health and hormonal imbalances.

I first saw homeopathy at work when I was looking for solution to my son's chronic health problems which included multiple allergies, severe sensitivities, eczema, monthly ear infections and beginning of asthma (it was the prescription of a 'brown inhaler' which has made me draw the line on further medicating).

Having witnessed the scope of action the homeopathic remedies have had on him, I had to understand how homeopathy works and decided to train to become a homeopath myself!

What I love about homeopathy the most is that doesn't cause any side effects and that it doesn't add any more burden to the toxic load our bodies are having to deal with on every day basis, as well as the fact that I never stop learning and discovering just how much change it can bring to people's lives.