Couples Conflict

Couples Conflict

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It is not uncommon for couples to suddenly find themselves with no shared understanding, no hopes for the future, and bogged down in conflict. It can be pretty hard to figure out when and how a relationship changed from a loving and companionable one to one of repeated misunderstandings, heated arguments or frosty silence.  

The stuff that drives a wedge between partners can range from little resentment built up over time, to major conflict about an important issue. Miscommunication is one of the most common issues that troubles many relationships. Turmoil in relationships is not abnormal – it is just messy.

Counselling can help you appreciate your partner’s perspective and communicate in a way where both partners feel understood and accepted.

Text Ranjana on 079545 02982 or email for a free initial consultation.

Counselling costs £50 for individuals, £55 for couples for a 50 minute session.

Concessions available for single parents and pensioners.

Meet your Practitioner

Dr Ranjana Mitra

Relationship Counsellor

Ph.D. Psychology

M.A. Relationship Therapy

Registered Member BACP

Hello! I am Ranjana, a trained and experienced relationship therapist, specialising in Couples Counselling.


I came into Counselling over 13 years ago,from a background in Psychology. I have trained as a Relationship Counsellor and have worked for the last decade at Relate – a charity that specialises in relationship work.


After completing my Master’s degree in Psychology, I started working with a clinical population. But I soon became more interested in the challenges that a large number of people live with, which may not be problematic enough to merit a label of an illness, but still problematic enough to make everyday life difficult. Things such as insecurities, anxieties, and low mood –can make everyday life and relationships unfulfilling. Feeling frustrated and conflicted in our relationships with family and friends can make us unhappy. Sometimes it is our lack of self- confidence and self- doubt that sabotages our relationships.


If you are not feeling good about yourself, content in your relationships, or where you are in life, it is worth making the effort to change. It is a shame to live with regrets when it is possible to be happy and fulfilled. Counselling can help you find a way to happiness.


Alongside Counselling, I also continue to work with vulnerable people – such as older people, those living with mental health challenges, physical and learning disabilities – and find it inspiring to see how people can enjoy their lives when they can work with - as opposed to– against their challenges.


For an initial consultation, text: 07954502982;


Counselling costs £50 for individuals, £55 for couples for a 50 minute session.

Concessions available for single parents and pensioners.