Feeling Sad or Anxious

Feeling Sad or Anxious

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A very large number of people live with low mood and anxiety, which whilst not crippling, can make everyday life and relationships a struggle at best.

Depression and anxiety can arise out of having to cope with an unexpected traumatic event, or sustained stress. But they can equally often be a result of how a person has learnt to think about and  engage with the world around them.  Often the source of the latter can be found in the person’s history. Understanding the causes can help people move past it and handle life on different terms.

It has long been acknowledged that even people living with a clinical diagnosis of depression or anxiety benefit from talking therapy.

Text Ranjana on 079545 02982 or email ranjana.mitra@icloud.com for a free initial consultation.

Counselling costs £50 for individuals, £55 for couples for a 50 minute session.

Concessions available for single parents and pensioners.

Meet your Practitioner

Dr Ranjana Mitra

Relationship Counsellor

Ph.D. Psychology

M.A. Relationship Therapy

Registered Member BACP

Hello! I am Ranjana, a trained and experienced relationship therapist, specialising in Couples Counselling.


I came into Counselling over 13 years ago,from a background in Psychology. I have trained as a Relationship Counsellor and have worked for the last decade at Relate – a charity that specialises in relationship work.


After completing my Master’s degree in Psychology, I started working with a clinical population. But I soon became more interested in the challenges that a large number of people live with, which may not be problematic enough to merit a label of an illness, but still problematic enough to make everyday life difficult. Things such as insecurities, anxieties, and low mood –can make everyday life and relationships unfulfilling. Feeling frustrated and conflicted in our relationships with family and friends can make us unhappy. Sometimes it is our lack of self- confidence and self- doubt that sabotages our relationships.


If you are not feeling good about yourself, content in your relationships, or where you are in life, it is worth making the effort to change. It is a shame to live with regrets when it is possible to be happy and fulfilled. Counselling can help you find a way to happiness.


Alongside Counselling, I also continue to work with vulnerable people – such as older people, those living with mental health challenges, physical and learning disabilities – and find it inspiring to see how people can enjoy their lives when they can work with - as opposed to– against their challenges.


For an initial consultation, text: 07954502982;

email: ranjana.mitra@icloud.com

Counselling costs £50 for individuals, £55 for couples for a 50 minute session.

Concessions available for single parents and pensioners.