Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Sports massage will include full assessment to identify what is causing you discomfort to help get the most benefits from the treatment.

The treatment itself will involve a combination of techniques including deep tissue, kneading, and direct pressures to help ease the area(s) of discomfort.

After the treatment aftercare advice will be given tailored to your particular needs.


Sports Massage 30 mins- £30

Sports Massage 45 mins- £37

Sports Massage 60 mins- £45

Meet your Practitioner

George Timby

Sport Massage Therapist

Hello, my name is George Timby and I am a qualified Sports Massage Therapist. I have recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation.

Following my football injury, I found a passion for rehabilitation, strengthening and conditioning whilst trying to get back into full recovery.

Growing up in Heanor, I spent most of my youth playing football for Heanor Town Juniors. This developed into the Heanor Town Reserves and First Team at age 16, alongside playing for Derby County Community Trust First Team throughout college. In my second year at Derby College, I was also training for my first marathon as I found a new love for running. However, I was unaware of the excessive toll that all this exercise was having on my body. Unfortunately, this damaged the articular cartilage of my knee which required me to receive surgery and sports therapy to be able to reach full fitness. The impact of therapy and rehabilitation allowed me to be able to get back to playing the sport I love. Therefore, I took it upon myself to undertake a degree that gave me the ability to help others fully recover and play again. My passion for helping others developed by seeing clients reach their full potential by treating their needs and pains.

Sports massage therapy has many benefits, but the main purpose is to help treat your pains to get you back to your full fitness. Therapeutic techniques play an important role in the recovery process as they can help your bodyrejuvenateeffectively.As Ihave with past clients,I look forward to being able to help your injury recover asefficiently as possible.

Contrary to popular belief, sports massage therapy is not only valuable for injury rehab. A key aspect to what I do is called Prehab. This term is used to ensure that the body is optimally prepared for any activities that it may face throughout the day. Whether that be an intense gym session, or long shifts at work, I want to ensure that your body is ready for it.