Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

A Classical  face-up, roll-over and face-down massage that includes traditional hallmark Swedish techniques such as effleurage, pettrisage/kneading,  tapotement, friction, bending, stretching and vibration.  

These are all combined to create a smooth, flowing massage that releases tension from the uppermost layers of muscle, stimulates circulation and soften connective tissue to leave you feeling super-relaxed yet lighter in yourself and re-energised!  Swedish massage can use varying degrees of pressure depending how deeply your body is holding knots, tension and tightness although its often the lighter pressure work that helps your body release and let go of what it no longer wants to hold on to.

Swedish massage uses a range of techniques with the aim of releasing tension. By warming and lengthening the muscles we work to ease tightness and knots and create more relaxed muscle fibers. This is a relaxing treatment which uses varying amounts of pressure depending on your preferences. Every treatment is bespoke as I aim to hone into your unique needs and we discuss which areas you would like me to focus on. A very beneficial and relaxing treatment which helps release stored toxins from muscles, physical and mental tension as well as more specific aches and pains. 

Swedish Neck, Back & Shoulders Massage 45 mins with Eileen- £40

Swedish Neck, Back & Shoulders Massage inc Face & Scalp 60 mins with Eileen- £50

Swedish Full Body Massage inc Face & Scalp 90 mins with Eileen- £65

Meet your Practitioner

Eileen Strong

Holistic Therapist

Certified Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

Certified facilitator for “The Passion Test” workshops & coaching

Quantum Touch® Energy Healing practitioner 

EFT Practitioner

I first discovered holistic therapies in 2006 when a friend introduced me to Reiki.  The thought of becoming a therapist had never entered my head at that time, but as soon as I started practicing my Reiki skills with friends, family and animals,  I realized I had discovered a new passion for the healing arts; something that has influenced my direction in life ever since.

Eager to learn more, I went on to train in Massage Therapy,  EFT,  Quantum Touch (which I now teach) and Meditation.  In June 2014 I  went to Chicago USA to  become a Facilitator for the highly acclaimed “Passion Test” which has since introduced a coaching element into my therapeutic work.

I began studying the mind-brain-body connection at  Meta Health Academy in Solihull in 2015 which introduced me to a whole new perspective to health and taught me new therapeutic protocols and began to include a health-coach approach to my work.  This helped me make huge transformations with my own health issues.    Three years later, in 2018,  I enrolled with the  Lifestyle Prescriptions™ Health Coaching University at which students can progress to Masters and Doctorate levels in root-cause based health coaching, making it a world leader in setting standards for health coach training.  It's research-backed  lifestyle medicine ethos and  integrative approach to health and wellness has shaped my work ever since, and   I  graduated as a Lifestyle Prescriptions™ Health Coach Specialist in 2021, with a special interest in stress related illness and muscular-skeletal pain.     

Whilst my Number 1 Passion is being being of service to  help others to better health, I love spending time in the countryside, walking, and horse-riding.  I also love live music and have performed on stage in various folk-rock bands at parties, pubs and festivals and successfully overcome "performance anxiety" and "stage fright" by using my own self-help tools such as EFT and positive visualisation techniques.   

I have written an online Learn to Meditate course and am currently developing other health and wellness programmes that help me integrate so much of what I've learnt in the last 15+ years to share with others and help them on their own health and wellness journeys. 

If you need any more information, just get in touch for an informal chat or to arrange your free consultation.   Thank you