Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga with Alena Hawk

Tuesday Class 7.30pm

This yoga class is suitable for beginners and intermediates, covering a range of movements and practices that you take to your own individual level.


Max in class: 10. 

Payment by cash or chq or BACS.

For more information and to book, contact Alena directly on: 07413946205 or email: purebeingstudios@gmail.com

Meet your Practitioner

Alena Hawk

Hatha Yoga Teacher

Restorative Yoga Teacher

Holistic Therapist

Hello, my name is Alena and i am fully qualified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Restorative Yoga Teacher and HolisticTherapist; i have been teaching Yoga classes in Heanor since 2015. I am extremely passionate about people's wellbeing, i enjoy helping them to relax, recharge and to find away to maintain balance in their life. I believe that everyone needs to take care of themselves and Yoga and any holistic therapies & healing are the best way how to start your “self care journey” today.

My yoga classes are focusing on helping students to improve their body awareness & their posture, find their connection with the breath and the body, calm the busy mind, discover their true inner self and most importantly to help them to learn how to relaxin their everyday busy life.

Please feel free to contact me via email (purebeingstudios@gmail.com), if you have any questions regarding my yoga classes and Yoga workshops.